Sadie Clarke 27 Richmond

Training with Scott has transformed both my body and my life style. Exercise is now a regular and enjoyable part of my week. With Scott's encouragement and incredible motivation I am so much fitter and healthier. Scott ensures that every session is jam packed with a range of exercises that suit my training goals. A particular favourite of m ine is boxing as it pushes my strength and speed. Scott is great at ensuring that my technique throughout each exercise is perfected. He is patient but most of all supportive when I am being pushed and challenged! As well as personalising my workouts, Scott has guided and advised me with my diet. I can't thank Scott enough for the hard work and dedication he has given me throughout my training. I am quite literally a different person not only in appearance , but more significantly in confidence.

Jordon, Kew

"Scott has been the perfect trainer from the very start. Consistent in his attitude with very clear goals in mind. He aims not only to get you looking good but to be physically fit too, and both of these have definitely been achieved so far. I have five sessions per week with Scott and he constantly motivates me and pushes me in the right direction while being aware of my physical challenges along the way. I recommend him to anyone who wants to get fit and refine their physique"

Dean Saunders 58, Richmond

"My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed training with you, your enthusiasm is inspirational. Due to my condition (Osteoporosis), I had been very apprehensive about exercise, however, since training with you my joint mobility has improved immensely. My muscles and bones are stronger and everyday tasks are much easier. I will continue to recommend your services. Kind Regards D Saunders."

Simon 33, Twickenham

I have known Scott for a long time, so I had complete faith in his abilities to get me into shape. I am pleased to say the results have exceeded my expectations.

Cheers Scott.

Sarah Barlow 47, Ham

"There are times when the training has been tough and gruelling, but the results have far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to you I have lost 18lbs the healthy way and to do that in 5 weeks is nothing short of a miracle. I am eternally grateful. P.s. can’t wait to see what the next 5 weeks will bring..."

Hauke and Caroline

Louise Cox 33, Richmond

"I have always been insecure about my weight and it has kept me back a lot. I would always dread summer time as it meant I wouldn’t be able to conceal as much with less clothes on. It was after seeing some awful photos of myself that I decided it was time for a change. Scott is a great motivator and an awesome Personal Trainer. I still have some way to go but thanks to Scott I have achieved some dramatic results in a relatively short space of time. If you’re wondering, is it worth having a personal trainer like Scott? My answer is once you have experienced training at this level, you will say "I cannot afford not to" My self confidence has been restored and a price could never be put on that."



I decided to go to a personal trainer as I was quite unfit. I hadn't trained for quite a few years and I had lost confidence and motivation to train in a gym. Scott has been a great approachable and experienced trainer. Driving me back into a regular effective fitness routine. I'm now motivated to really push myself and after a few months of seeing Scott I now go to the gym as well! I feel fitter, stronger and more energised. I would recommend Scott as a Personal Trainer for anyone who wants to get serious about their fitness!

Scott McQuillan Master Trainer

Scott McQuillan is a highly qualified MasterTrainer. He has a sports background in Muay Thai Boxing, White Collar Boxing, Judo and Sprinting. Scott has helped a variety of people to successfully achieve their goals.



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