Nutrition is a fundamental part of exercise and it plays a key role in achieving results.

Good nutrition is the foundation for training and getting results.

There is no such thing as one diet fits all. Your body is unique to you and so is the way that your body reacts to food. I specialise in reducing unwanted body fat. Whether you want to get rid of fat or increase muscle definition, I have the answer!

I will help you to simplify your diet. By making a few tweaks and changes. Together we can keep things fresh, tasty and above all healthy.

Prior to the consultation you will be asked to keep a 7 day food diary so that I can gain an understanding of your diet and together we can discuss a realistic alternative to foods that may be detrimental to achieving your goals.
You will come away from the consultation with a clear understanding of the simple science behind fat loss and discover what foods are right for you with your own meal plan.


Supermarket tour, Nutritional Consultation

In addition to a nutritional consultation I also offer an assisted supermarket tour. I will assist you during your shop and together we will look at the nutritional contents of certain food. We will also explore misleading fat free claims on certain products so that we can make sure that you get the very best out of your shopping trip.

Scott McQuillan Master Trainer

Scott McQuillan is a highly qualified MasterTrainer. He has a sports background in Muay Thai Boxing, White Collar Boxing, Judo and Sprinting. Scott has helped a variety of people to successfully achieve their goals.



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