Is there a specific program that you follow?

My programs and techniques are based on sound and proven principles that will be related to the specific goals of each client.

How will you know what my abilities and limitations are?

All client's will receive a full fitness evaluation, including a postural analysis, Blood pressure check and a medical history questionnaire.

What is the best way to lose weight and tone up?

There are 3 main factors to this:

  • Cardiovascular training
  • Resistance training
  • Nutrition

With the correct exercise you will be able to influence the Basal metabolic rate in the Body (Calories burnt at rest) This will play a big part in any fast track Weight loss program.

What will I need to bring to training?

You will need to wear comfortable clothing including a Jacket or a jumper for when the Body cools itself down after exercise. It is a good idea to bring a towel and plenty of water. Everything else will be provided for you.

What special population groups are you qualified to train?

I am qualified to train:

  • Older Adults
  • Children and Adolescents
  • Client's with Diabetes
  • Client's with Arthritus
  • Client's with Oesteoporsis
  • pre-natal and post-natal
  • Adults with heart problems
  • Rehabilitation


Are there any age restrictions?

Client's must be at least 16 plus to take part in the group training. Apart from that all ages are welcome.

What areas do you cover with your mobile PT service?

I can be flexible with this, normally anywhere within an 8 mile radius from Richmond, Surrey.

Will outdoor training be as effective as training in a gym to lose weight and tone up?

Absolutely, I have all the equipment to for a full cardio and resistance training session in an outdoor environment.

What if I cannot make my appointment?

If you cannot make your appointment time, please give atleast 24 hours notice and we can reschedule. Failure to give at least 24hrs notice will result in a cancellation fee at the cost of the arranged session.


Scott McQuillan Master Trainer

Scott McQuillan is a highly qualified MasterTrainer. He has a sports background in Muay Thai Boxing, White Collar Boxing, Judo and Sprinting. Scott has helped a variety of people to successfully achieve their goals.



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